Hi, my name is Evangelos, get to know me and my games:

I'm the developer of SMX Adrenaline, SMX Supermoto vs Motocross and SouzaSim under the brand OE Games. While I do most of the work, I also receive assistance from talented asset builders, coders, and musicians who help bring the games to life. Additionally, I work as a graphic designer under the brand of Peachy.

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Here, you'll find posts on my work process and progress. Additionally, this page may feature anything else related to OE Games. Stay tuned!

SouzaSim Project Mini Update

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SouzaSim Project Rehaul Update

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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Update 26-6-2023

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Important Notice: In-Game Currency Purchase Issue, Please Read.

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The SMX Adrenaline Page is Up!

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The SMX Supermoto Vs Motocross PC version has been rebranded to SMX Adrenaline

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