SMX Update v6 is now available on public release!

SMX Supermoto Vs Motocross v6 is now available in the public release, download it now from Google Play.

Re-textured maps, upgraded sounds, new multiplayer functionality, and more.

Read the full change log here.
Change log 

Patch 6.2.4

Improved animations, Reduced camera shake at high speed.

Update 6.3.0

New bike KT ST250, new graphic "RALLY" for KT SX450, bug fixing, and riding improvements.

Patch 6.3.1

Multiplayer: Now supports bike sound, rider animations, bike graphics and etc, movement sync between players is now smoother, now you can host private rooms, camera bugs are fixed, some chat bugs are fixed.

New KT SX450 graphic "Super Moto", KT ST250 balancing, and bug fixes.

Patch 6.3.2

Single-player AI not starting was fixed, the option to select a region in multiplayer was removed to avoid lag, Players with ping higher than 160 ms would be automatically kicked out from the room.

Update 6.4.0 (Beta)

Physics changes, skidding sound was added, new sound effects, the bike now leaves a trail on dirt, resetting the bike also cleans it, Updated to a newer engine version (Multiplayer chat and mod maps do not work for now)

Patch 6.4.1 (Beta)

Attempt to fix the crashing on start from the previous version, some more improvements on physics have been done, now the "Post Processing" toggle in the settings also toggles the "Ambient Occlusion".

SMX patch 6.4.2, 6.4.3, 6.4.4(Beta)

- Bug fixes, 32 Bit support, Frame Pacing disabled

SMX Update 6.4.5 - 6.5.1 (Beta)

- Bug fixes, 32bit support, New UI Overhaul, Winter Event(Ended), Hand animations in first person,
entering a race camera and rider animation was fixed, improved riders animations, increased AI speed and difficulty diversity, Bunch of new goggle colors, new helmet skin, Multiplayer chat not showing on host was fixed.


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