(Guide) How to create Tracks and Maps for SMX Supermoto Vs. Motocross

For tracks/Maps 

Download and install Unity 2019.4.9f1

Then in Unity navigate to Window -> Package Manager and download the "Asset Bundle Browser"

Disclaimer: As of SMX version 5.17.0 and higher you also have to install Universal Render Pipeline (URP) from Package Manager and convert all materials see here how. If you are creating a new project you can just select the "3D Sample Scene (URP)" template and skip the converting and installing part mentioned before.

Delete any cameras on your scene, usually, when you create a scene there's a camera called "Main Camera" Make sure to delete it.

Create your map!

You can do pretty much anything, we also provide some default assets for you to start from

To make the dirt bike behave like in dirt surface set tag "Dirt_surface" or "Tarmac_surface" for a tarmac surface.

In order for the surface tags to work, you first have to include all the tags the game uses, this has to do with the Unity Engine using tags based on their index number and name. Please check all the tags and import them in the exact order. page 1, page 2 (Please note where page 1 ends)

Make sure you created your Scene on 0,0,0 position to avoid any in-game bugs.

Using Unity's Terrain

When using Unity's terrain to avoid shader compatibility problems on Android, Create a material set its shader to Nature/Terrain/Standard and assign into the terrain inspector properties Basic Terrain => Material.

When you're done or you want to test your Map save your scene and then go to Window => AssetBundles Browser drag and drop the scene you just created from the Project panel into the AssetBundle Browser window, 

go to the Build tab select your Build Target, and click Build.

When the building is done, visit the output folder which is set by default to be AssetBundles/Android inside there you gonna find a file named based on your Bundle name which is your Scene name also.

Create a folder and copy the file into that folder, you can name your folder based on what you want to name your mod for example I named it "First Mod" that's how its gonna be seen in the game.

rename the file and add the extension of .smxlevel that's the only way the game could detect your mod properly, you can do that by right-clicking => rename => and add at the end ".smxlevel" without the quotation marks.

Now we are almost done, take a screenshot of your map and place a jpg file named "preview.jpg" inside the folder.

For testing visit, the mod folder (to see where is located click here). Then create a Mod id folder, for testing purposes you can name it "test". so the structure should be like this Mods/test/First Mod/samplescene.smxlevel

If you want to upload it into the smx.mod.io database zip your mod folder. e.g zip file => First Mod/samplescene.smxlevel

Make sure to zip your mod folder and not the file content inside the folder.